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Combine Physical and Spiritual Healing to Attain Whole Health

Complete physical and mental health is best achieved through a holistic lifestyle approach. The following steps suggest how to blend physical and spiritual healing practices to enjoy good health without expensive medical supplements or unrealistic workout routines.

Physical Relaxation

The human body is designed to absorb a certain amount of daily stress, along with occasional traumatic events that spike stress levels. However, chronically high-stress levels can take a toll on your health. Try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep per night, as that is the recommended amount to refresh and rejuvenate the body as well as to promote general health and well-being. Without proper sleep and rest for the body, a person's health is compromised, and you may be more prone to getting sick or feeling poorly. If you just can’t get that much sleep, try yoga or other relaxation methods to put your body to rest.

Mental Mindfulness

Become aware of your feelings and thought patterns concerning various daily issues. Know what upsets you as well as what makes you happy or contented. Look for specific activities that promote different mindsets, and while dealing with the realities of daily living, be sure to include times when you can focus on the things that make life enjoyable and meaningful, and that definitely includes building a positive body image as we work to improve both our physical and mental health. Awareness is the first step to developing a healthy outlook and related behaviors.

Spiritual Healing

According to Healer’s Library, spiritual healing (the form of treatment through meditation or prayer, energy manipulation, and emotional balancing) is used by practitioners all over to help ease people of emotional, physical, and mental ailments. Relaxing the mind and filling it with a spiritual outlook can help to promote relaxation and a yielding of spiritual control and guidance to a belief system that enhances the physical and mental aspects of living.

Lifestyle Balance

Overall, the harmonious blending of these strategies for good health is the key to wellness and happiness. A physically sound body can harbor a mind that is filled with contention, stress, or gloom. Conversely, a worry-free outlook might be housed in a body that is unhealthy in many ways. Similarly, a heavy soul chained to grief or resentment can weigh you down and keep you from achieving a contented frame of mind. The key is to find balance among these lifestyle components, spending time each day to build a healthy body, sustain a sound mind, and nurture a quiet spirit.

This simple but effective approach can lead to health and happiness. Try your blend of activities for success.

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Skin Goals: 3 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Perfect Facial

I've been an Esthetician for over a decade and have often been asked by clients how they can achieve the best results from their facial.  I want to share with you how you can have a great facial at The Pearl Day Spa and maintain that lovely, just had a facial afterglow!  Regular, professional care for your skin is part of a health skincare routine; sure, the results may not always be instant, but they are graceful, long-lasting and make your skin health the primary focus. Here are a few hot tips for receiving a perfect facial from a seasoned (and gently weathered) skincare professional.

1. Create Goals:

What are your 3 biggest skin goals?  Would you like to reduce uneven pigmentation, acne, or sensitivity? Write down your goals and share them with your esthetician before your facial so they can use products and methods that will help you achieve results. Not sure what your goals are? Let's talk and come up with some.

2.  Take Note:

What does your current skin care regimen look like? What products are you using? How are they working for you? Take note of what you've been scrubbing & slathering with so your esthetician has some background info to help build a perfect skincare routine specifically for you.

3. From the Inside Out:

 As you may have noticed, some foods leave your skin looking bright, glowing, and strong... while others such as refined sugars and starches can cause inflammation, puffiness, sensitivity, enlarged pores--expediting the aging process.  You don't have to tell your esthetician about your diet, but the sooner you connect diet with skin health & quality, the sooner you will start to make choices that build lasting changes and reduce damage to your skin.

Other helpful hints:

- Remove contacts before a facial.

- Bring mints if you feel you may be self conscious of your breath, so you can relax and breathe deeply.

- Remove your bra and all jewelry... a  facial will include a massage to your deccolote', arms, hands and sometimes feet. 

- Give yourself a few minutes before or after your appointment to have a cup of tea and enjoy a  moment of rejuvenation. This is your time--make the most of it. 

Be well,


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5 Simple Self Care Rituals

We live in a society that entices us with material and financial gifts for working long hours and making no time for ourselves. And I don’t mean the yearly two weeks vacation to Hawaii, or even the occasional weekend to the coast. I am referring to our daily packed schedules that allows no time to recharge our batteries before waking up in morning and doing it again.

I am firm believer in working hard. My family taught me to have strong work ethics and discipline almost to a fault. My type A personality has kept me up for many years planning meals, events, family trips while my husband peacefully snored beside me. After some failed and some successful experiments I discovered five self care rituals that support me, allow me unwind and feel more grounded and present in my body at the end of the work day.

The Pearl Day Spa carries a selection of premium genuine crystal Himalayan Salt lamps and self-care products

The Pearl Day Spa carries a selection of premium genuine crystal Himalayan Salt lamps and self-care products

Wear Comfy Slippers

Author Sonja Choquette in her book True Balance explains that to stabilize and harmonize your psychic and emotional energy, massage and care for your feet.  Last Christmas my husband purchased me a beautiful pair of wool green slippers. I clapped my hands excitedly and then I thought to myself how little use I would have of them. I have had slippers before and never wore them except occasionally. To my surprise I chose to wear them daily after my long work day. Before, I walked in my socks or wore my work shoes in the house. Now as soon as I took my work shoes off and slipped my tired feet in the comfy wool slippers my cortisol levels dropped by a hundred. The slippers quickly became a sign to my body that it was time to unwind and leave my professional life behind.

Heat up a Warm Rice Pack

I know some people use a hot rice pack for injuries, sore muscles,or cramps. We use it here at the Pearl Day Spa during massage. I began to incorporate it into my daily self care routine during the cold winter nights. I place the rice pack on my belly while I am reading, talking to friends, or watching a movie.  It will warm up your core, slow down your heartbeat, increase digestion and help deepen your breathing.

Own a Salt Lamp

There are many benefits of salt lamps - soothes allergies, boost blood flow, improves circadian rhythms, etc. I wish I could tell you that the reason I initially bought one is because I knew about all these wonderful health claims. Instead we purchased one because I thought it would look great in our living room. It has a soft, comforting, orange glow. Every night as soon as the sun sets we turn the salt lamp on and I sit next to it. The light helps me produce melatonin earlier in the evening so by bed time I can barely keep my eyes open.

Diffuse Essential Oils

If you haven’t had your home enveloped in cedar wood, lemongrass, or lavender essential oils, you ought to try it. My husband says our house smells like a spa when he comes home from work. These oils and many others have important health benefits and we will discuss them in depth in a future post. What appeals to me most is the earthy smell and the calming ambiance it creates along with my salt lamp. I can’t help but feel more grounded and less stressed about my day. It also encourages me to take deeper longer breaths, instead of rapid shallow ones.

Drink Tea from Your Special Mug

This is your special self care mug. Choose one that brings you joy. I have a mug a dear friend made for me. When my brain sees this mug it begins to start firing dopamine. It means I am ready to relax. Choose loose leaf chamomile, peppermint or passion flower and get ready for some down time.

There are many other self care rituals such as hot baths, massages, meditating, but these are some basics that help me stay present and sleep better at night. I no longer have a racing brain and I have interesting, soothing dreams. What are some of your self care rituals? Please share in the comments. One can never have enough self care rituals!

In health,


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