Certain practitioners have been trained in specialized areas of massage. When you call to schedule your appointment, ask our knowledgeable staff what is right for you. 

Each massage includes your choice of our complimentary basic aromatherapy (our premium aromatherapy experience may be added at an additional fee), a consultation, and attention to your requests. After your service, enjoy a complimentary cup of Young Mountain Tea and a piece of premium Equal Exchange chocolate in our lounge, or purchase a glass of local beer or wine to complete your spa experience.

Be sure to review our spa policies and preparation guidelines before your service. 

Appointment Requests are subject to 15-30 minute changes. Please check your confirmation e-mail.


Relaxation Massage Rates
1 hour $80+
1.5 hour $115+
2 hours $145+

Hot Stone Rates
1 hour $95+
1.5 hour $ 130+
2 hours $160+

Deep Tissue Massage Rates

1 hour $90+ 1.5 hour $125+ 2 Hour $155+

The focus of pregnancy massage is to promote a healthy and successful pregnancy by reducing stress, muscle tension and body imbalances while encouraging deep relaxation for the mother and child.
 Please Note— Our pregnancy massage procedure has changed. To better ensure the safety of both mother and child, all our pregnancy massages will be performed side-lying.

Sports Massage
Designed for the training, conditioning and injury rehabilitation of athletes.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
A stretching technique that is based on neurophysical principles and was designed to reduce spasm and pain while increasing range of motion.

Defined as “healing energy,” this ancient art works on four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

An Eastern therapeutic technique that uses finger pressure to regulate energy flow throughout the body.

Trigger Point
A form of therapeutic massage that helps to alleviate myofascial pain by treating trigger points, or irritable, pain-causing areas of tissue. 

Reflex zone therapy using pressure and massage to the reflex points found on the feet and hands. 

A gentle technique that monitors the rhythm of the cerebral fluid as it flows through the craniosacral system.

Myofascial Release
Addresses the fascial tissue of the body by unwinding imbalances and releasing tension.

Deep Tissue
Therapeutic massage that works the deeper muscle groups of the body to address tension, injury, and pain. 

A general purpose massage aimed to relax the body, increase circulation, and ease stress. 


Basic Aromatherapy is complimentary and incorporates the chosen oil into your massage. Choose from Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Basil, or Tangerine.

Add Premium Aroma Therapy, Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils, to any massage. Includes application during your service, steam inhalation, and a take-home spritzer in your chosen scent. Check with a member of our staff for our current selection $8.

Add Dry Brushing, a way to stimulate circulation and lightly exfoliate dry skin, to any massage, $8.

Add Steam Treatment, a warm essential oil steam that increases relaxation, to any massage, $25.
Each steam includes your choice of one of five essential oils:

Add Mini Hot Stones
2-3 Hot stones are laid on the body in strategic positions to promote circulation while the practitioner uses smooth heated stones as massage tools. $8

Add Scalp Therapy

A custom blend of essential oils are applied to scalp and massaged for a healing scalp treatment. Available for dry, oily, or itchy scalps. For best results, oil should be left in for at least 3 hours. $8

Add Ultimate Hydration Moisturizer

Perfect for extra-dry skin or services during the winter. A special blend of emollient oils is used throughout the massage. Allergen warning: Contains Nuts. $8.

+Prices for massage reflect an adjustment for services which are paid in full at time of service. If you wish to be billed for your massage services, standard rates apply and are as follows:

Myofascial Release or other Manual Therapy (97140): $28/ 15-Minute Unit
Therapeutic/Rehabilitative Massage (97124): $25/ 15-Minute Unit
Hot/Cold Packs (97010):$15/Application
Muscle Testing/ROM Testing (95831): $25/unit
New Patient Exam (99201): $35/unit
Existing Patient Exam (99211): $25/unit