Waxing Preparation


Some things to be aware of before your waxing appointment: 

-Hair should be about the length of your eyelashes or roughly 1/4". It is outside the scope of an estheticians practice to cut or trim hair, so arriving with your hair at the proper length will make for the best waxing experience. This is especially important for intimate waxing. 

-Topicals such as Retin-A, Differin, or Tazorac, as well as any products containing retinol, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHA), or benzoyl peroxide can cause adverse reactions and results. If you are currently using any of these medications it is best to consult your physician or dermatologist for advice.

-It can help to gently exfoliate the area to be waxed in the few days leading up to your service. Waxing opens up your hair follicles and any excess dead skin can enter the now empty follicle, increasing the risk for ingrown hairs and irritation.

-The day of your waxing appointment, increase your post-service comfort by wearing loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothing will likely irritate a freshly-waxed area.