Do you have health insurance? If so, depending on your company and policy, there is a possibility that massage and/or acupuncture are covered benefits. We encourage you to contact a customer service representative with your insurance company. We also provide complimentary insurance verification.

Please note that each person’s insurance coverage on your plan (or any other plan) needs to be verified SEPARATELY. Examples include: spouse, children, parent, etc.

Due to their more complicated nature, insurance appointments cannot be booked online. Please call our front desk to book all insurance appointments.

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Mailing Address
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Please allow 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS for verifications to be completed. If you would like to contact our insurance department directly you may do so via email at or by calling 541-683-3377 ext. 102 Appointments may only be booked after your information has been verified and confirmed.
Please let us know how your heard about us (friend, family member, co-worker, medical provider, Google, Facebook, etc.). It was another client, please name them here.
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