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Strengthen Your Low Back with these 5 Exercises

I have had the pleasure of living with low back pain since the age of 15 years old. You may be asking yourself, "Did she just say had the 'pleasure' of having back pain?! She's crazy!" I truly view my journey as a blessing. I'm 35, a Massage Therapist, and mom of an active toddler. I am passionate about fitness, biking, hiking, and yoga. I am basically moving non-stop all day the moment my feet hit the ground.

This beautiful and busy life depends on me being strong, balanced, and intentional. Part of my self-care regime is exercise, and this exercise is my prescription for life. I'm not being hyperbolic here. I truly see my fitness as a necessary supplement to a magnificent life. 

When I was young I worked for my dad, did farm work, and played hard. At times, I pushed my growing body too hard. Consequently, I began to have a slow onset of, what I now know to be hypertonic (too tight) muscle issues. This led to poor posture, improper technique, and muscle strain in my low back. I then developed Sciatica, which, if you don't know is a pinched sciatic nerve which conveniently affects the legs and can cause severe low back and leg pain. 

Being the problem solver that  I am, I looked into ways to reduce pain, restore strength, restore flexibility, and over all improve my life. It was on this journey that I discovered massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, and the wonderful world of alternative medicine, which, in turn, ultimately taught me that my health was in my hands. I was empowered! I had the ability to do something about my health and wellbeing.  Along my journey, I  found these 5 exercise that support and help the low back, and ultimately, the whole body.

Full disclosure, you may feel these in your booty for a few days...but living pain-free and feeling strong is totally worth it!

May You Be Well,


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