5 Natural Ways to Mitigate Common Health Problems

Before the times of pharmaceuticals and conventional medicine, many people would use natural remedies such as herbs, plants, and nutrition to mitigate common health problems. There are various amounts of different natural treatments like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, acupressure and essential oils. They can help to relieve health issues like chronic pain, migraines and headaches, sinus problems, nausea and even osteoporosis or arthritis pain.

Cardiospermum Halicacabum

Also known as the balloon plant, this immensely beneficial plant can treat many problems such as joint pain, swelling, inflammation from arthritis, and even minor coughs and colds. In Southeast Asia, it has been used for centuries as a food and medicine to treat numerous ailments and health conditions. This medicinal vine contains anti-microbial properties and reduces inflammation by ingesting the root or even the seeds within the plant.


This tea can be used for aiding in sleep troubles, anxiety, pain and inflammation, and skin problems. Studies and scientific research have been done to prove these benefits and have shown it is a safe and effective treatment because it contains flavonoids and terpenoids. Another study done showed chamomile successfully eased the painful symptoms of heartburn and other digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease.


Grape seed extract, green tea, coconut oil and various fruits and vegetables are just a few of the many foods that contain powerful antioxidants. They protect against the damaging and disease-causing free radicals or oxidation that can occur in the body while also improving circulatory function. According to Kyani, a diet high in antioxidants improves many different conditions, including inflammation, blood-sugar imbalances, lethargy, poor digestion, and low quality of sleep. This means antioxidants can be effective at mitigating health problems and even fight against cancer cells.

Aloe Vera

For many generations, this amazing anti-inflammatory plant has been used to soothe, cleanse and restore many different areas of the body and it can improve the function of the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys. It supports healthy tissues and promotes healthy digestion, blood circulation, and can even benefit the lymphatic system. Aloe is alkaline and composed of fatty acids which makes it effective for treating stomach issues, various diseases, and immune function.


Many diseases or health issues are caused by stress, and B-vitamins can relieve symptoms of PMS, low energy, and B2 vitamins can even cultivate healthy tissues in the body according to the University of Michigan. Vitamin B12 has been recognized as the "painkilling vitamin," and it has been effective for improving mouth ulcers, back pain, and neuropathic pain. Foods that contain this vitamin are eggs, yogurt, salmon, liver, beef, milk, and trout. Deficiencies have been linked to problems with infertility, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes.

So the next time you are looking for cheap, simple, and holistic remedies, without resorting to expensive doctor visits, or pharmaceutical drugs with terrible side-effects, consider some of the next time you're out shopping. Whether it’s to help relieve pain and discomfort, or you're just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, these 5 natural methods will result in better health and a happier life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and your body isn’t working the way it should, make sure to see how our services can assist you! Also reading this article on combining spiritual and physical healing and doing as it says can help you overcome a whole host of health problems!

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How to Treat an Obscure Headache

Headaches are a common phenomenon. They are caused by a number of factors including stress, dehydration, noise, lack of sleep, fatigue and sickness. When suffering from pain in the head, it is generally recommended that you try remedies such as rehydrating and lying down in the dark to see whether the pain will resolve itself before looking for medication. If you have to be physically active all day, however, you cannot afford to spend your days sleeping, which is why you need useful tips to help you obscure the pain. Here are some tricks that work.


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Before you get a migraine, your blood vessels enlarge, especially those that aid in blood circulation to the brain. Caffeine is known to be vasoconstrictive in nature, which means that it narrows the blood vessels which restricts the flow of blood. This action is what relieves headaches. Caffeine is known to be effective in treating tension and dehydration headaches. It is a common ingredient in most headache pain relievers. A cup of coffee or tea should help alleviate your headache so that you can run your daily errands.

Medical treatment

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There are some headaches which are caused by serious medical conditions such as tooth or jaw pain, muscle tension, spinal problems, or even excessive fluid buildup in the brain, medically known as hydrocephalus ex-vacuo. This is a condition which is caused by a traumatic injury, infections or a result of brain surgery. When you have one of these conditions, it will be close to impossible to minimize the headache by using simple painkillers. It is advisable to get medical treatment for the underlying condition, as this will resolve the headache.

Massage therapy

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Massage therapy is another treatment alternative for people dealing with frequent and recurring headaches. As an athlete, you could be going through problems such as exertion headaches, hypoglycemia headaches and headaches resulting from a poor diet. All these can be relieved through a session of relaxing and stimulating head and neck area massage. What the massage does is that first, it helps your heart rate come down, especially if you were doing strenuous activities such as running. Secondly, it helps open up blood vessels, drain any fluids in the brain and relieve your pain.

These are simple and effective measures that can be taken to deal with frequent headaches. It is essential to make sure that if a headache is recurrent, you get medical tests to ascertain the cause and avoid major medical emergencies.

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Is CBD Really as Amazing for Health as People Say?

Due to a longstanding history of charged thinking surrounding the use of cannabis, it can understandably be hard for some individuals to consider the benefits of CBD oil for their health. Thankfully, much of these previously held ideas have come full circle as we are in a time where research has show us the true health benefits of various forms of cannabis consumption.

Scientific Proof to Back Claims

Any given cannabidiol is just one of over eighty different versions of the same chemical. Another chemical found in the cannabis plant is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the chemical that gets marijuana smokers high. When CBD oil is prepared, the cannabidiol that is extracted is usually mixed with either hemp seed oil or coconut oil. In the case of pure CBD oil, the THC is not extracted, so it's not possible to achieve a high from consumption of 100% CBD oil. That being said, there are various preparations available, some which do contain varying amounts of THC, depending on the process and materials used in production and the legality of products in your locality.

Research has proven that CBD has numerous health benefits. It's been no secret that marijuana has anticancer properties, and obtaining these properties without the mind-altering effects has been a goal of the scientific and medical community.

People suffering from bipolar disorder, as well as those with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease,  have been known to use CBD oil. These aren't all the ailments that it helps with either; more are being discovered every day.

Different Forms of CBD

CBD oil supplements are available in different forms, so there is probably at least one version that might be agreeable to you if you feel like you might benefit from its use. A few of them include, but are not limited to:

CBD Gummies

If you want an even more simple and enjoyable way to use CBD oil, CBD gummies are an option. CBD gummies deliver health benefits without THC’s high-inducing properties. As a result CBD gummies tend to produce a calming effect on the body and mind, making them very popular for those who like to meditate and/or practice yoga.

CBD Oil Spray

CBD oil sprays are often prepared with olive oil or other natural and healthy fats to add to the health value. There are many examples of these available online, and they come in various flavors depending on the company that produces them.

CBD Topical Solution

CBD topical solutions are available for the treatment of bodily aches and pains as well as for applying to the skin to improve signs of aging like wrinkles. Many of these are mixed with other healing ingredients to treat skin allergies and acne.

However you might feel about marijuana and its byproducts, there has been enough scientific evidence to prove both can be beneficial for the right people and for the right reasons. It pays to have an open mind when it comes to anything that might improve your health.

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4 Unique and Natural Treatments for Adult Acne

If you suffer from adult acne, you are not alone. More than 50 million Americans are plagued by this skin condition. The good news is you no longer have to turn to the same old ineffective acne treatments to get relief.

Baking Soda Mask

A baking soda mask is an inexpensive way to exfoliate your skin and deep clean your pores. Make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply to your skin. Leave this mask on for at least ten minutes. Massage your skin in a circular motion while rinsing to ensure your skin is properly exfoliated. You can also add a tablespoon of honey to this mask. These scientists conducted studies to show that honey has antibacterial properties, making it perfect for acne prone skin.


CBD oil, or cannabidiol, has recently emerged as the newest must-have health and beauty product. CBD oil has been approved to treat everything from eczema to anxiety, and beauty bloggers swear by CBD oil to lengthen their eyelashes, but can it effectively treat acne? A 2014 study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that it can.

Acne is primarily caused by sebum, and oil produced by sebaceous glands, and inflammation. According to this source, CBD prevents sebum production and is anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect weapon to fight breakouts.

CBD oil can be used topically and internally to treat acne. Since CBD also shows promise in managing stress and anxiety, other contributing factors to acne breakouts, acne sufferers may want to explore both delivery methods.


Hormones are another leading cause of acne in adults. Vitex, or Chasteberry, is a herb that has been used for centuries to balance hormones in women. Vitex needs to be taken for several months before you'll notice a significant difference in hormonal acne, but users have reported overwhelmingly positive results.


Dermatologists have discovered that probiotics have the ability to treat acne and rosacea. When applied topically, probiotics have antimicrobial properties, and they have a calming effect on the skin. Probiotics may also form a protective shield over the skin, preventing harmful bacteria from replicating. Probiotics can be taken orally to stop the inflammation associated with acne flares.

The best part about these four natural acne treatments is you can use them all together to get the best results. Take Vitex and probiotics as directed, use the baking soda mask once a week to deep clean your pores, and add CBD oil to your daily beauty regimen.

If you’re looking to make a professional difference to your skin routine, make an appointment for a facial! Natural facials can help you enjoy the way your skin looks. Not only that, but you’ll feel great after a relaxing facial treatment.

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